Decree concerning State Encouragements to Investments - Part II

Source: Official Gazette - Decree concerning state encouragements to investments and the investment encouragement fund Decree No: 10755; Issued: March 25th 1998

How to Benefit From the Elements of Encouragement

Article 5.

Within the coverage of an encouragement certificate, investments in the belowmentioned sectors in Developed Regions, and investments in the Organized Industrial Zones determined by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, investments in Normal and Priority Development Regions and investments to be realized by enterprises which fall under the definition of SME
s can take advantage of the encouragement elements listed in Article 2.

Investments which can benefit from the encouragement elements in Developed Regions are as follows:

- Electrical energy production investments (including
autoproduction investments)

- Infrastructure investments

- Investments to be realized within the framework of the Build-Operate or Build-Operate-Transfer Models

- Investments aimed at developing a new product or model, Research and Development (R&D) and planning

- Investments related to environmental protection

- Priority technological investments which are determined by the High Commission of Science and Technology

- Electronics industry related investments

- Ship and yacht building investments

- Shipyard investments (Shipbuilding, and repair facilities)

- Other,
services investments which are to be determined by the Undersecretariat, including; technoparks, informatics technology, education, health and tourism investments.

- Investments that are permitted by the Undersecretariat in order to replace existing investments which are to be transferred to the Priority Development Regions or outside the country, with the condition that, the realization of the new investment is at the same place of the one being transferred.

- Expansion, modernization, renewal, quality upgrading, bottleneck elimination, integration, and completion investments.

- Investments to be permitted by the Undersecretariat, among the investments completely new with a fixed investment value of above 50 Million US Dollars and include one or more of the following characteristics; necessitating high technology, high added value, contribution to an increase in tax income, contribution to an increase in employment. Top

Customs Duty Exemption

Article 6.

The import of the machinery and equipment (excluding raw materials, intermediate and operating products) listed in connection with an Investment Encouragement Certificate is exempted from Customs Tax and the Mass Housing Fund paid in accordance with the Decree on Import regime.

However; if the items listed below are to be imported within the framework of an investment encouragement certificate, Custom Tax and the Mass Housing Fund will be charged at the rate set forth in the prevailing Decree on Import Regime;

- automobiles,

- buses (including double-decker buses),

- separate chassis (trailer mountable) trucks, (excluding ones which have environment safety standard engines, respectfully ones which have Euro I and/or Euro II Standards)

- trailers (to be pulled by separate chassis trucks) (excluding ones which have refrigeration units)

- furniture

- yachts (including motorboats)

- trucks (excluding off-road, and rock carrying type heavy-duty special purpose dump-trucks which cannot operate on public roads)

- transmixers

- uninterrupted power sources

- cement centrals

- forklifts

- cement pumps

- construction equipment

- kitchenware and tableware products made of porcelain and ceramics. Top


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