Please read the legal statement before proceeding.  Maya Invest London LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership registered in England & Wales with Number OC376488.  Registered address is, Queens Gate, South Kensington No:169 Flat No:9 London SW7 5HE.


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Maya helps multinationals initiate their expansion projects in Türkiye. We are acting in the areas of retailing-, finance-, insurance-, supply chain- and international trade sectors. We represent Turkish businesses in Merger & Acquisition negotiations against foreign companies and develop investment projects for multinational companies who would like to expand in Türkiye.


Maya involves in the transactions of trade finance as independent broker in discounting of the contracts, acts as the advisor in the finance projects of the retailing industry, develops and structures bank-insurance projects.


In realizing the expansion projects in Türkiye, we explore lands, conduct feasibility analyses, communicate with state- and municipality authorities, shape contracts to make projects financable and assist in raising finance of the projects.


In our contracts we do not involve in the implementation phase.  We advise our local and foreign clients during the process of development, we act as the trouble-shooter during the process of implementation and we assist in the legal matters to avoid future problems. Maya renders its services through independent associates and by outsourcing technical issues to third parties with whom we have cooperation- and confidentiality agreement.  By doing that we preserve our high standards of expertise and flexibility to adapt ourselves to the scales of our contracts.