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"Gentlemen, you may".  During the reign of Queen Victoria, smoking was strictly forbidden at court and in public.  When Edward VII,  by then well into his sixties, was finally ascended to the throne in 1901, years of pent up frustration were vented at his first royal dinner with this proclamation.


Maya creates solutions to the problems of multinationals and local businesses    operating in volatile economies.  Türkiye demonstrating a typical example of such an environment, yet a country offering generous investment opportunities has been an inaccessible market for most of the interested entrepreneurs. Maya, employing its expertise and effective products, has been specialized in finding ways to overcome these hurdles and in this context we are referring Edward's famous quote, and saying that "Ladies and Gentlemen, you may achieve your goals in Türkiye."


The firm consists of two departments; the Expansion department, which undersigns contracts to develop investment projects in Türkiye on behalf of multinationals, and the Restructuring department, which helps local businesses in being financially and legally restructured in Türkiye and abroad.


Most of our associates are of Turkish nationality and their experiences originate from international companies that realized leading investment projects in different industries of Türkiye.  With exclusive focus on a limited number of projects at any time, Maya is committed to employ its entrepreneurial spirit to contribute to the development of Türkiye.




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