Please read the legal statement before proceeding.  Maya Invest London LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership registered in England & Wales with Number OC376488.  Registered address is, Queens Gate, South Kensington No:169 Flat No:9 London SW7 5HE.


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Maya helps Turkish businesses to be restructured abroad.  After conducting a due diligence analysis, we shape together with our clients solutions to their problems. The main impact in being restructured abroad is bringing to the business the freedom of movement on international platforms. Depending to the outputs of our due diligence analysis we establish a tailor made legal and financial structure which we continuously update in time with respect to the changing conditions.


Turkish businesses, which are operating via foreign geographies or purchasing foreign goods or services or selling goods/services from/to foreign countries, are able to utilize our solutions.  In the long term, establishing abroad a foreign legal entity makes reaching of credit lines easier and assists the business in being able to use international banking instruments for its commercial transactions.


The structure is also providing a flexible platform to natural persons who would like to get efficient asset management via foreign private banks. From professional-income owners point of view; such as lawyers, doctors or consultants, aforementioned opportunities are similar.


The relations of Maya with its clients are established on absolute trust and confidentiality.